Melbourne and 8 Best Places To Be

Melbourne is a booming city, full of art, music and with an immersive food scene.

In this short post, I will take you through some of my favourite spots. Whether you are looking for a great cup of coffee, a date, or to read a book, Melbourne has a great amount of resources that you can enjoy.

The first day that I arrived in Melbourne, I had the feeling that I was still in Europe. To be honest, I did not like that. I lived in Rotterdam for four years and when I left The Netherlands I was looking for something completely different.

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After some time in Melbourne, I started to discover its vibrant art and music scene. I wandered around the city’s alleyways, full of graffiti, and spent time at the state library or library at the docks. I walked through streets full of restaurants, where I would drink a nice glass of red wine to the sound of jazz music. That is how I started to love Melbourne, because I needed time to learn about all its unique aspects.

This post will be divided into three categories: food, resources and nightlife.


My favourite category! Without a doubt, one of my favorite parts of the city is Hardware Lane.

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It has a great atmosphere, with all the colours, music performances and great food served by the various restaurants there (there are a few Italian restaurants which have delicious pizzas as well!)


In a Chinatown alley, there is a little restaurant called Yamato.

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This is one of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne. I am a Japanese food lover, and can tell you that Yamato’s Japanese classics will not disappoint you.



In this section, I will cover where you can spend your time reading, studying, or discovering technologies.

Library at the Dock

I can’t count how many hours I have spent in this place. I would need an entire post to describe how cool this place is. You can check what it is all about here.

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Although it is worth also mentioning the state library of Victoria, which is so beautiful, in this section I only focus on Library at the dock. This smaller library offers many more resources and a quieter environment.

What can you do at the Library at the Dock?

Reading, of course!

The first two floors have a large collection of books, but that is not the best part… In the third floor, you can find anything you need to express your creativity. To start with, there is a circled table with three synthesizers, one drum machine and one Imac with Ableton installed to record the live session. You can also choose not to record it, because basically everything is connected into a mixer were you can only listen what you are doing. I usually spend from one to two hours in this table.

There is also a computer area of iMacs. This area is dedicated to the creative minds, especially for graphic designers, videographers, or gamers (there are two windows computer already provided with steam). All computers are provided with the adobe software. To top it all, there are also 3D printers you can use after the induction, the maker lab where you can use electrical components providing tool boxes and soldering tools.

And for the musicians, there is a recording studio and two practice rooms where you can play a digital drum and a piano.

I would like to mention that some of the rooms need to be booked. However, if you are a resident in Melbourne the cost will definitely be low! You can check the availability here.


Some of the most known night club hereby listed. As well as some of the best bars for aperitivo

  • Revolver Upstairs

One of my favourite, they play electronic music, mostly Techno.

  • Lounge

Late at night, if nothing is going on in the city you can check Lounge, even during the week.

  • Rooftop bar 

The best place to be for your aperitivo.

  • Section 8

Music and the cocktails are 8/10

  • Naked for satan 

Dating? the right place to be!



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